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Hi, I have changed a lot since my last, incredibly stupid and dorky introduction from over a year ago.

I have to tell you about myself.

This account was created by my 15 year old sister who decided that the name was stupid and gave it to me when I was 12. Now I'm 13 and probably will get a bunch of crap for being that young.

I'm Teresa and I am commonly called a dork. I like Digimon and Pokemon and am currently a fan of Ao no Exorcist.

I do Shito-Ryu karate and have my 1st brown belt now.

I have brown hair that reaches my waist and will refuse to cut it.

And now, I will reveal something that many people have yelled at and begun to hate me for.

I am a Roman Catholic. I am pro-life but I will not push my views upon any woman going for abortion.

I believe that 'tolerant' isn't the right word for my views on other religions. I don't just tolerate religions, I support them. I believe that my faith is the one true faith, but I will not shove a Bible down another person's throat. If someone is Muslim, Jewish, or even Hindu, I will view them as a human being and not hold anything against him or her.

I believe that kindness is a two way street. I am constantly badgered by others about how Christians should 'love thy neighbor' and be kind to everyone, and yet, we receive a lot of hate just because we are Christian.

I hope that people can get past the fact that I am a strong Catholic and will not change my religion and accept me for who I am, a dorky 13 year old girl.
I seriously need prompts. I have no idea what to write and I would like to break this case of writer's block. If anyone wants me to write anything, please just talk to me.

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